myCAD by visiativ

Optimize your SOLIDWORKS PDM tasks
with Visiativ myPDMtools

Visiativ myPDMtools is a suite of exclusive tools fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. Visiativ myPDMtools allows you to customize your PDM settings to meet your company's procedures, avoid errors and omissions thanks automation of daily tasks, eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks, improve PDM data quality and much more!

Increase the Power of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Save time and reliability

  • Customize your SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional settings
  • Avoid errors and omissions by automating repetitive tasks
  • Reduce time wasted on managing project data for the benefit of innovation

Increase productivity and promote innovation

  • Eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Simplify and optimize your daily work
  • Expand the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional features

Improve the quality of your PDM data

  • Check the integrity of your vault data
  • Keep your graphical data up to date
  • Guarantee users that they are using the latest version

SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner Certification

The SOLIDWORKS Gold certification guarantees the perfect integration, quality and interoperability of Visiativ myPDMtools with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. To achieve this status, Visiativ myPDMtools had to follow a multi-step certification process examining a number of criteria.

Some key features of Visiativ myPDMtools


Improve Search Features and Performance in PDM


Plan and configure automatic cleaning of the local cache


Mass update data and metadata from another system in the vault using an Excel file


Automatically create PDF or multiformat document bundles containing all the documents needed to create a project


Print your document bundles through a PDM task


Automatic conversion of your SolidWorks, Office, DXF and DWG documents into different formats during validation


Make smart lists of choices to populate data cards


Check the consistency of your database through predefined criteria



Fill in and mass edit your document data cards


Following a modification of a SOLIDWORKS document, automatically rebuild the documents that use it so that your assemblies and drawings are always up to date


Configure and produce custom analysis reports


Fast and optimized multi-level search on a PDM BOM


View assembly component attributes directly in the eDrawings viewer


Automatically fill in the revision tables in your SOLIDWORKS drawings


Assign a serial number to your documents that associates variables with a counter. This counter can be created automatically per project


Use your company's messaging system to automatically notify users with personalized messages

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