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Bring your 3D designs to life


my3Dviewer is a 100% web-based tool for viewing and sharing CAD files (3D, 2D).

In just 3 steps and with just an internet connection, you can create a CAD viewer. To view your CAD files, simply open the viewer by clicking on the url link you receive.

There's also a disconnected mode available through Windows 10, Android and IOS applications.

The key functions of the viewer: moving components, annotations, measurements, exploded view and section view.

View an example

View an example of a 3D viewer directly in your web browser


Use your model to produce interactive 3D instruction sheets for the assembly or maintenance of industrial equipment and finished products. Create scenarios intuitively, making it easy to update instruction sheets.

Creating scenarios will improve operator's understanding and reduce the risk of errors in the procedures to be carried out.

View some examples

View some examples of 3D scenarios directly in your web browser


Your 3D models and instructions can then be viewed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, in total immersion thanks to virtual reality!

You can also integrate them directly into your website, showcasing your expertise.

The key features of Visiativ my3Dviewer


Import your 3D model into Visiativ my3Dviewer (SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Inventor, Creo, NX, STEP…)


Create your scenarios and instruction sheets (management of cameras, animations, media, textures, lights ...)


Publish, share and watch your players * (web, Windows 10, Android, IOS and virtual reality) 

* A player is one (or more) scenario(s) produced from a 3D model (CAD file)

Thanks to my3Dviewer :

Open any CAD file and format without additional software

Save training time and improve the quality of interventions

Securely share your data (French Visiativ servers)

View on PC, tablet and smartphone 

The my3Dviewer offer:

myCADservices Premium
Creation of 3D viewer
Integrating viewers on a website
Duration of availability unlimited
Protection of viewers Password and/or expiration time
Creation of scenarios
Visualization in Virtual Reality with myVRviewer
Viewer management interface
Web tool available 24/7

Our customers talk about it

« Visiativ my3Dplayer is easy to use and offers multiple possibilities ... »

Loïc Legrand
High-voltage cable systems designer

« Visiativ my3Dplayer makes it possible to present a whole range of products interactively… »

Rémi Mercier
Designer of special machines

« With Visiativ my3Dplayer, scripted 3D animation becomes accessible to all ... »

Alexis Ravier
Project manager